How to improve Editorial Design by conventions for visual journalists:


A doctoral thesis in 10 minutes,

EDCH 2017, Munich,



This year the FILTER Publication is a special one:

Essentials of the editorial design PhD project of Andine Müller will be presented. They are based on practical examples and illustrate the effects that editorial designers have on the perception of newspapers and magazines. The presentation on the conference discusses the responsibility of editorial design and will highlight suggestions for conventions in the field of quality journalism. The main results of the doctoral thesis of Andine Müller will be published in a DER FILTER SPEZIAL in June 2017 and firstly presented at the talk.


The PhD project is developed in the "Ph.D. Studiengang Kunst und Design" at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. DER FILTER SPEZIAL is a combination of the

FILTER idea with the content of the PhD project.